My Story

Hey there,

Wondering why we're here? I'll be honest and say that it took me an while to figure this out myself.

I'd recently discovered the beauty of essential oils, and worked tirelessly to remove chemicals from our home, and replace with cleaner essential oil based alternatives. Now that I'd cleaned up my home, I needed to clean up the rest our daily routines.

I began with a quest for bath products that were a combination of safe, fun, and frugal friendly. Finding these was relatively easy, however finding items that fulfilled all three of my needs was next to impossible.

Armed with some knowledge of essential oils and an handful of basic ingredients, I began recreating our favourite products.

The beauty of it all was knowing exactly what was going into each product, and knowing that the chemical free home I'd worked so hard to create, had now crossed over into my families personal health routine as well!

Lo Hunter Oils came along to help make the transition to a chemical free lifestyle a little easier, by providing ready to use essential oil based products for everyone.

Let us help you make the change as well!