• All Proceeds from the "Lungs On Fire" diffuser bracelets will be donated to the Rainforest Alliance.


    The bracelets are completely random and unique in every way. Each one is made with beads from my personal collection. Beads of all kinds that i've found, purchased, kept, and am now hoping will help serve a bigger purpose.


    The Amazon, the most diverse ecosystem in the world, is burning at a devastatingly rapid rate. Since the start of the year, Brazil has recorded more than 76,000 fires across the country — most of which have erupted in the rain forest — which is an 84 percent increase over the same period in 2018. Since last Thursday alone, there have been at least 9,500 fires. The current fires are so widespread and severe that they’re visible from space, and environmental activists and world leaders are demanding immediate action to protect indigenous peoples and wildlife.


    Literally. The Amazon rain forest — the lungs which produce 20% of our planet’s oxygen — is on fire.


    Predictably, humans are to blame for this catastrophe. Though Brazil’s right-wing, climate-change-denying president Jair Bolsonaro, claimed earlier this week that nongovernmental environmental groups are setting the fires — an accusation as baseless as it is preposterous — researchers have more convincingly pointed fingers at Bolsonaro. (The leader has since retractedthis argument.) Mere hours after Bolsonaro took office in January, he started to weaken environmental and indigenous protections, and has cut approximately $23 million from the country’s environmental agency; he’s also been accused of encouraging loggers, farmers, and miners to seize control of and profit off of the Amazon. Bolsonaro’s blatant prioritization of business interests over everything else, activists argue, has emboldened farmers and ranchers to start illegal fires to clear land for cattle. (Furthermore, according to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, last month the country saw a 278 percent rise in deforestation.)


    The Rainforest Alliance, an NGO dedicated to conserving biodiversity and educating consumers about sustainability, outlined their plan of action in response to the crisis.


    The Rainforest Alliance is working to leverage our longstanding relationships in the public and private sectors to pressure the Brazilian government to reinstate the environmental enforcement that is essential to defending the Amazon against illegal logging, destructive slash-and-burn agriculture, and other existential threats,” the statement reads. “In addition, the Rainforest Alliance has pledged to redirect 100% of the funds donated in response to our social media alert to frontline groups in the Brazilian Amazon, including the Brazil chapter of our Indigenous federation partner COICA and our longtime sustainable agriculture partner IMAFLORA.

    Lungs On Fire

    • Put the faux suede bracelet on by pulling the tassle and knot through the loop. The first few tries may be a little tricky, but this will get easier as the material strecthes.


      For on the go aromatherapy, simply add a drop of your favorite oil to the faux suede or lava bead and enjoy the benefits for hours. Can also be used with a pre-mixed roller bottle. Oils can be applied to both the braid or tassle portion of the faux suede bracelet!