• Enjoy on the go style and aromatherapy with this braided diffuser bracelet.


    Hand made using faux suede cording. The faux suede acts as a natural diffuser, carrying and slowly releasing the scent of your favourite essential oils throughout the day wherever you go!


    Wear on it's own, or create your own "stack" using a variety of bracelets found in our shop!


    Select colour by adding the color number to the "Add a note" section of the checkout screen!

    Single Braid Diffuser Bracelet

    • Put the bracelet on by pulling the tassle and knot through the loop. The first few tries may be a little tricky, but this will get easier as the material strecthes.


      For on the go aromatherapy, simply add a drop of your favorite oil to the faux suede and enjoy the benefits for hours. Can also be used with a pre-mixed roller bottle. Oils can be applied to both the braid or tassle portion of the bracelet!