The Game Changer

I like to think that oils came into my life when I needed them the most, only at the time I didn't know it yet.

I was over at a friends place. We had just played four baseball games in some of the hottest weather that summer. The team was camped out at her acreage and to my surprise...her house smelled amazing. No sweaty gross smell from jerseys or cleats. Just fresh.

Next thing I knew, I was diffusing Purification in every room of my own house!

Cut scene to two years later and I've got an oil for everything. They have changed my life and the lives of my family members in some of the most extraordinary ways. Legit. No more anti-depressants, no more sickness, no more bedtime struggles, no more infertility, no more chemical cleaners...the list goes on! 

Not only had I found a way to live chemical free, but I was able to do so while staying at home full time with my kiddos. Win - win!

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xo Lo